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Ivy Bridge Institute is a learning center located in Sherman Oaks, CA that offers educational and academic support services, accelerated learning and enrichment programs. These not only complement the content delivered in the students mainstream classes and increase their academic skills, but unlock their full potential by preparing them for the ultimate goal, college admissions.

Ivy Bridge Institute recognizes each student’s specific unique style of learning. We tailor curriculum to their individual educational needs.

  • 关于常春藤之桥学院

常春藤之桥学院(Ivy Bridge Institute, 简称IBI) 座落于美国西海岸洛杉矶,是一家提供教育引导,学术支持的学院。我们关注每个学生的独特个性和学习风格,根据每个学生的需求,量身定制属于他们的课程及升学方案。我们的宗旨在于提高学生的学术水平和技能,使学生的能力具备创造性的拓展,释放他们的全部潜能,最终升入理想的大学。

College Prep

The Ivy Bridge Institute provides a number of diverse programs to high school students that prepare them for college exams and more. Review our programs and sign up today.

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We provide a number of tutoring programs to help students achieve success in different course topics. Click the button below to learn more about these services.

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Study in the US

Many students come to the US from all over the world to continue their educational pursuits. Learn about how we can help your student make the transition.

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"Let Ivy Bridge Institute be your
pathway to college! "

Ivy Bridge Institute has the benefit of an established curriculum provided by Ivy Bridge Group, who has been teaching this curricular for over 7 years. This curriculum challenges students in order to place them at a higher academic level.

Frequently Asked Questions

The college admissions process can be daunting. Every year brings new exams, applications and forms to fill out. A college counselor is here to help your student accelerate learning and make the process not only easier but rewarding. We break down the complicated process into easy-to-follow small steps so students present the best version of themselves on their college application. We guide students through the different school applications and make a customized strategy for admissions, advise on financial aid and college funding options, and critique interviews and essays. By working with students and families, we make the transition from high school to college as seamless as possible.

We want to do more than just help your child get into college. Working with Ivy Bridge Institute’s counselors your student will craft an image of who they are, what they want, and where they are going they can carry with them throughout college and their career. We help students craft an in-person and online image that will not only make their applications stand out but provide a sense of identity and purpose as they apply to college.

Our counselors have extensive experience working with students from all over the US and internationally and thrive on the chance to inspire and motivate each student on their own unique path. Although we are new to the community, we are in no way new to the counseling and bring years of expertise and passion to our work.

This is exactly why they should come to us! We believe that each student has many interests that are waiting to be explored and we can help them find the perfect college to do so. Our services include one-on-one meetings with an experienced counselor who listens to students and parents to provide a personalized assessment that offer insights into each student’s unique traits and vision for their future.

High school college counselors are often overworked, with hundreds of students demanding their time in the chaotic college application period. Our counselors work with a limited number of students in order to offer personalized attention in a timely manner. We get to know our students and reach out to them by email, text, phone and Skype as often as possible. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for your student and we work closely with parents and students to make this a reality.

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