College Application Enhancement Camp

Program description:

Ivy Bridge Institute’s college application enhancement and creative writing camp provides students with opportunities to develop their personal extracurricular repertoire by doing community service and various other enhancement activities that are relevant to college applications. In addition to more than 15 hours of community service, students will receive 15 hours of creative writing instruction and practice. In the creative writing component, students will learn about and apply exciting literary devices instead of responding to and editing for drab essay prompts. Students will learn new ways to approach writing. In addition to increasing their chances at getting into top schools, it is our goal at IBI that each student leaves this 5 day camp not just with a better understanding of reading a writing, but the ability to use that understanding to their benefit.

Cultural Immersion Program (CIP) 1 week to 4 week option

The Cultural Immersion Program gives international students an unique opportunity to stay with American host families to receive an authentic American cultural experience.

College Campus Tours


Tour of Los Angeles Colleges can include: UCLA, USC, UC Irvine, Cal Tech, Pepperdine, California Institute of the Arts, Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art and Design

Leisure Activities (Optional)


Students can enjoy themselves with these extra activities:

Universal Studios, Getty Center, Hollywood Blvd., Beach, LA City Tour, and Chinatown




     Week 1 Dec 19-23

     Week 2 Dec 26-30

     Week 3 Jan 2-6


Community Service Opportunities

The Swan Outreach Center









A farm that centers on providing spiritually minded individuals with knowledge and experiences with horses to lead to better awareness, balance, and fulfillment of one’s life. Duties include filling and carrying feed buckets; cleaning water containers; and cleaning stalls and horse areas

Food Forward


A community organization that rescues fresh local produce that would go to waste and connecting this abundance with people in need. Volunteers meet at local farmers markets and go around collecting donations from vendors of local produce.

Enrich LA

This organization envisions a garden at every school in LA. Volunteers help build and install gardens, as well as maintain and educate the students.