Is Your Student Having Issues with a Course?

Every student has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning specific topics.  Some have issues with math or science or language skills.  A tutor can help your student through one on one teaching and help he or she learn more difficult concepts of a course. Expect that your student’s time working with a tutor will be an active experience.

Our experienced tutors customize how they tutor students in subjects to adjust to the individuals learning style. We offer subject tutoring in many areas:

* Math (K – 12th grade) + AP Math courses

* English (K – 12th grade) + AP English courses

* Science (K – 12th grade)

* History (K – 12th grade)

* Language (French, Spanish, Chinese, Armenian, Farsi)

* Religion Courses

tutoring services

Ivy Bridge Institute - Tutoring Services

Ivy Bridge Institute provides after school homework assistance and tutoring with course assignments, skills building and test preparation.

Ivy Bridge Institute’s professional tutors are teachers who use guiding questions and provide step-by-step explanations, so students can easily understand how to complete various projects and assignments in mathematics, history, religion, English composition, literature, and science.

Some features of our tutoring program:

  • Ivy Bridge Institute provides tutoring using customized curriculum and programs.
  • Our tutors/teachers interact with and motivate students during the instruction hour.
  • Students are evaluated and the tutors document student progress.
  • Tutors/ Teacher communicate students’ needs to the parents when necessary (for grades 6 to 12).
  • We motivate students to complete assignments and develop rapport with students and establish a fun learning environment.
  • Be supportive, encouraging, and energetic and provide tutoring year-round.
  • Possess excellent student management skills.

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